Our domain name CorrectBags.com says it ALL! Our goal and mission statement is just that!  To get you the correct bag ( s ) for your intended use.  Whenever you or anybody orders something for a specific job or task - you want what works!  It is our absolute objective and goal to make certain you are going to get what you need at the lowest cost.  You don't want a bag for free if it does not fit or work for your application. That being said we ask that you please pick up the telephone and call us. We will provide you with information so you can make an informed decision.

We clearly understand that many people just want to order directly online and be done with it.  So many companies do not even put a telephone number on their website because they apparently don't want to be bothered with those annoying customers.

Sorry folks but we don't roll like that. We are a company of human beings and look forward to the human experience.  You got questions?  We are here to help answer them.  We have zero automated mindless  buttons when you call and sub-menus of buttons or prompts to navigate through before you get a real live person on the line to speak to.  Just an old fashioned company trying to business that old fashion way with human intervention and NOT robots!!  You want cold and impersonal your in the wrong place!  We have been selling bags to thousands of companies and individuals for many years.  Bags are not that complicated but not that simple either.  That being said is the reason you can not order online!  Most of our customers end up thanking us because they would have picked out or ordered an incorrect bag for their intended purpose. We want to get it correct the first time!

OH, last and NOT least!! ALL are products are made in the United States of America - no "hecho in China"...

If you read nothing on our website PLEASE take two minutes and read the four paragraphs below!!!
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